Managing Financial Performance


Become a more effective manager by understanding the major levers to improve the financial performance of your organization. As one of the highest ranked business schools of the world, it is our objective to develop leaders which are equipped to master the challenges of a rapidly changing business environment.

The Institute of Accounting, Control and Auditing of the University of St. Gallen has more than 20 years of experience in establishing as well as teaching state-of-the-art financial management concepts in a multitude of industries and countries. Our continuous consulting work with large multinational companies makes sure that you obtain up-to-date, practical input based on real-world case studies from different industries.

We will ensure that you understand the language and intentions of your financial business partner, bridging the gap between the financial community and line management. This will allow you to communicate with your financial counterpart eye-to-eye and sharpen your management attention towards the truly value generating issues for your company.

Take advantage of our leading know-how in the field of financial management and controlling. We will be applying state-of-the-art didactical tools throughout the program, starting the course with a modern, regularly updated e-learning to bring all participants to a similar skill level by the time we meet in St. Gallen. Once here in St. Gallen, you will experience our modern executive campus and trainers who have obtained best teacher awards in various international MBA programs. And the training does not end with the engaging days you will spend in St. Gallen. To optimize your personal return on investment, we will keep updating you with relevant developments in the time after the training.


Financial Performance Management

Business Planning

Value Based Management 

Integrated Performance Management

Management Accounting

Your Value added

Driving the financial performance of your business

By providing you with the key concepts of modern financial management, we enable you to prepare, evaluate, and undertake important financial decisions. This extensive tool know-how gives you the skills to make a difference in your organization and to advance its financial performance.

Linking financial management to strategy and company culture

You experience how crucial financial management is to strategic alignment. You get to know the latest concepts, methods, and tools to link financial management, strategy, and organizational culture and to put these links into action, allowing your business to move dynamically in the right direction.

Establishing financial investment criteria

Investment decisions can determine the future of your business. This course equips you with the financial decision criteria to analyze individual projects’ financial viability and to judge their impacts on the future of the enterprise.

Creating sustainable value

Based on the financial tools in this course, you will be able to focus on the business issues that are truly value-generating. You will learn about the dangers of optimizing short-term performance metrics over true longterm value creation. We illustrate that optimizing one profit center’s financial performance is not the same as safeguarding the financial performance of an enterprise.

Addressing the challenges of an increasingly digitalized business world

Our up-to-date business cases expose you to the financial challenges of a digitalized business world. The diverse group of participants ensures inputs from different industries and functional areas, broadening your horizon. Leading speakers acquaint you with specific frameworks on how to cope with profound challenges and changes.

Understanding your corporate financial counterparts

You will get to understand the language of your corporate financial discussion partners, allowing you to gain their acceptance as a financially-minded manager. Being able to interpret financial statements and financial reporting information will give you the basis to ask the right questions and understand the answers from your financial counterparts. Another dimension is the international differences in how financial management is conducted in the corporate environment.

Adding true value for the time you invest

In today’s rapidly moving and changing business world, time is an extremely precious resource. This course seeks to explicitly give you the relevant financial concepts in hands-on, real-world ways. It omits non-value-added theoretical content, focusing exclusively on concepts that allow you to strengthen your financial intuition and become a more effective manager.

Learning Concept

Getting started

Close your knowledge gaps in an efficient, flexible way. Based on modern e-learning technology, you can identify and address existing knowledge gaps. This ensures that all participants have reached a similar knowledge level by the time we meet at St.Gallen.

Diving deep

Develop comprehensive financial problem-solving knowledge. With the help of interactive plenary discussions, case studies, group exercises, and selected guest lecturers, you obtain tool know-how that links leading academic thinking with real-world financial challenges.

Holding on

Consolidate and strengthen your knowledge. After the days in St.Gallen, you will have possibilities to apply your knowledge based on regular inputs from us, illustrating how your financial toolbox can be used to analyze recent corporate events and exchanging ideas with fellow students on our learning platform.


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Managing Financial Performance Lehrsituation mit Dozent
Managing Financial Performance

As a »non-financier«, learn core instruments of the finance function and become an even more effective decision maker.


Executive Campus HSG - University of St. Gallen
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Program Fees

The fee for this seminar is CHF 5'800.-. Including e-learning, course material and seminar catering; excluding travel costs and accommodation. 

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